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Grand Prix for small and medium-sized enterprises 2019

Michael Koch GmbH was awarded with the “Premier-plaque of honor“ at the nationwide gala of the “Grand Prix for small and medium-sized enterprises“ in Germany. Only three enterprises are honored with this award throughout Germany. This unique and therefore very special honor was presented to the managing partners Christine and Michael Koch in a festive setting.

The Fabrikle was awarded with the Premier-plaque of honor for the Grand Pix for small and medium-sized enterprises

We not only established on the market, Koch also worked their way up to the top of this award. After achieving awards on a state level 2006 and 2007 they accomplished their first award on a federal level in 2011 and crowned this success with the “Premier“ in 2016 which made them the German champion. To be able to receive such an award, companies have to continue their way successfully at least for two years straight. Koch has now achieved this. “Just fantastic, incredible – this is the result of perfect team work“, said the surprised CEO, Michael Koch, directly after.

Koch were able to establish on the market since day one with innovative and adaptable products combined with a perfect solution for customer satisfaction. The safe brake resistors and systems, which manage energy of electric drives perfectly, can meanwhile be found in various machines in almost every industry. They were able to leave a mark with being a global, reliable supplier for companies which function in electric drive engineering. Qualified employees, individual applications and high quality are just three reasons which made them successful. Koch employees constantly support the company’s ambitious targets and do participate in the success of the company besides having a safe job! Promoting internationalization while strengthening the local engagement and also being innovative combined with a constant decrease of the negative environmental impact is part of their corporate philosophy. The Koch’s rely on their active employees and the unswerving persuasion to dare the impossible. Koch produces carbon- neutral since many years!


Nominated by the community Ubstadt-Weiher the “Fabrikle“ (nickname of the company) was able to prevail against 5.339 other competitors throughout Germany. They convinced both juries in all five categories: overall development within 5 years, creating jobs including trainee opportunities, innovation and modernization, engagement in local activities as well as in customer satisfaction and last but not least customer service and marketing. Michael Koch GmbH impressed outsiders with the dynamic of a midsize enterprise which strongly increased its sales and jobs during the past five years. They currently have five trainees, two students who are studying at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and various different internships throughout the year which makes it more obvious that the company cares about their social responsibility and the future of the younger generation. They are volunteering in many associations as well.


“We did not expect this award at all. I was utterly surprised and I am beyond happy!”, so Christine Lieber- Koch after the award ceremony. She also said that midsized enterprises as well as women have to be extraordinary to be given public recongition. It is quite necessary that there are initiatives like this! Thus, she commends the work of the Oskar- Patzelt foundation which is responsible for this award for 25 years. Even though the award is not endowed there is a constant increasing number of enterprises which participate in this competition. The most important fact is that enterprises get considered as a whole. The initiative is organized entirely on a voluntary basis and privately financed, without one euro of taxpayers' money.


“This award inspires us. Despite the current continuous boom and the global confusion, we still have visons to refine us and there are still some open doors and chances to take”, so the convinced CEO, Michael Koch. There is a bright look-out as well as good signs for further positive development!

Certificate for Premier-plaque of honor


Active Energy Management For
Drive Controller

Sustainable Peripheral Equipment
For Drive Controller

Whitepaper Active Energy Management For Drive Controller   Whitepaper Sustainable Peripheral Equipment For Drive Controller.
One device for many application - Active
Energy Management For Drive Controller.
  From braking resistor to energy storage
solutions - Sustainable Peripheral
Equipment For Drive Controller.
Download Whitepaper   Download Whitepaper


Our modular system for safe brake resistor in wire-wound technology

We manufacture resistor combinations by an extensive set of accessories for high performance applications. The modular system is based on individual modules of the BWD series with nominal output of 100 to 400 watt. You can find the individual specifications in the data sheets below. In addition to its high performance, this modular system combines a compact design with extreme flexibility. As a result, the brake resistor is optimized according to each individual application specification.

Optimized to the requirements of your application:

Required power - no „unnecessary over-dimensioning“
Many resistance values – based on the inverters requirements
Mechanical design – according to the existing installation space
Assembly - horizontal or vertical
Protection class IP 20 or IP 65* - according to installation location and environmental conditions
Individual modules with UL and CSA standard approval
Several braking resistors in a resistor combination, e.g. for moving and hoisting gear
Optional: Temperature switch, strain relief, protective cover, etc.







Rated Power: 0,24 - 3,6 kW
Resistance: 0,55 - 2.700 Ohm
Protection class: IP65
Mounting: wall mounting (or mounting on the control cabinets top)
Benefits: compact, grip protection


Rated Power: 0,2 - 7,2 kW
Resistance: 1 - 17.360 Ohm
Protection class: IP20 or IP65
Mounting: wall mounting
Benefits: compact , versatile base plates


Rated Power: 0,2 - 2,4 kW
Resistance: 0,8 - 5.580 Ohm
Protection class: IP20 or IP65
Mounting: wall mounting
Benefits: resistor in case, compact


More information
  More information   More information
BWx...K...L / BWx...K...K
  BxP / BxH

Rated Power: 0,1 - 7,2 kW
Resistance: 1 - 14.940 Ohm
Protection class: IP20 or IP65
Mounting: (wall mounting and) mounting on the control cabinets top
Benefits: very variable


Rated Power: 0,1 - 0,8 kW
Resistance: 3 - 830 Ohm
Protection class: IP65
Mounting: wall mounting
Benefits: chimney effect, protection by subframe


Rated Power: 0,2 - 4,8 kW
Resistance: 1 - 7.400 Ohm
Protection class: IP20 or IP65
Mounting: wall mounting
Benefits: grip protection with a cover







More information

  More information  

More information

Safe brake resistor in PTC technology

With four mechanical and electrical ranges of 35, 70, 105 and 140 watts continuous power on a heat sink, the PTC brake resistors cover the power requirements of small frequency inverters and servo controllers. Similar to the level of wire-based brake resistors, the impulse power ratings are of major importance for the applications and have a factor of 35 with a 1 percent duty cycle. The elements which may be installed in the inverter´s enclosure are also known as ballast resistors and have an IP20 protection class. Several mechanical designs are available in the series. Customer requirements are implemented   as necessary when the order involves sufficient quantities. The resistance values for each type are dynamic with respect to the temperature at the PTC (see R(T) curve) and the applied voltage.



PTC brake resistors - resistors with
an integrated self-protection function.
The resistance value of these
resistors increases up to high
resistance at a defined temperature.

Rated Power: 35 - 140 W
Resistances: 44 bis 1.750 Ohm
Protection class: IP20


More information

Safe brake resistors in wire-wound technology

Safe brake resistors for electric drive technology are subject to specific requirements. High pulse load capacity with controlled surface temperature including a conclusive safety concept with continuous overload is required.
Taking all parameters into account, we achieved an optimum with our safe brake resistors in wire-wound technology. In compliance with relevant standards, subcomponents were selected and installed in a stable, anodised aluminum housing by means of specific design measures.
The result is something we are proud of: Particularly impulse-resistant, low-induction resistors with a specific safety concept combined with a long service life.

Data sheet BWx


Data sheet AWx


Our single brake resistors BWx are
available in the series 150, 200, 250,
350, 375, 500, 600, 1000.


Our single brake resistors AWx are
available in the series 300 or in
device-specific design.

More information   More information



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