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Assembly Robot Automotive Industry
Assemly Robot Automotive Industry, is produce a car.



The production of cars by a car manufacturer must become more energy-efficient and thus more environmentally friendly.


The current assembly does not meet the CO2 requirements of the car manufacturer. The CO2 footprint must be as low as possible.




Increasing the energy efficiency of the assembly,

thereby reducing the CO2 footprint and thus achieving a more environmentally friendly production.

 Asssemly Robot Automotive Industry



> 1 active energy management device PxtFX per robot. The energy manager PxtFX stores the braking energy of the robot and returns it directly to the robot the next time it starts up. The recuperation reduces the energy required by up to 1.6 kWh per PxtFX per operating hour.




1. Energy savings of up to 3.5 t CO2 per PxtFX and year

2. Climate-friendly production of cars due to lower CO2 footprint

3. Increase productivity

4. Increase energy efficiency

5. Recuperation of braking energy

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