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Carbon brush manufacturing

Situation:  Hier sehen Sie ein Bild von der Kohlebürstenherstellung und im Vordergrund befindet sich ein DES 2.0

Approximately 500 million high-quality carbon brushes are manufactured     per year. New electrically operated servo spiral presses are used to optimize the process.   


The brake energy is wasted as heat. The dynamic of the machine is     pushed to its limits.




Increase the energy efficiency and reduce peak demands

thus raise the dynamic of the press



Solution:Anwendungsbeispiele Kohlebürstenherstellung Zeichnung

> Use of 2 DES2.0 via “Plug & Play”: Stabilizing the DC link by storing brake energy and providing it again once needed





1. Raise in energy efficiency and extended longevity of drive electronics

2. Reduction of peak demand

3. Raise in dynamic of the press


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