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Die Casting Machinemk-koch DEV-Druckguss-kombi 2016-02-16 Mail



The die casting machine pressed the mass (e.g. zinc) at high pressure in a precision mould.



In case of power failure, the pressure casting process can't be finished. The mould stays closed at high pressure casting mass cools down. It is difficult and expensive to remove the cold mass. Often, the precision moulds become unusable. Moreover, safety standards require that the pressure in the mould is released.




Full completion of the casting process in case of power failure

thus avoiding damages to the precision moulds.






> Use of DEV2.0 via "Plug&Play": 
   Supplying the drives with the energy that is 
   necessary for a controlled stop

Use of NEV to supply the 24V power grid 
   for controls and sensorics




1. In case of power failure the pressure casting process is completely finished

2. Destruction of the machine and the workpiece is avoided

3. The pressure in the mould is released



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