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Bottle Filling Line



A multi-axis system coordinates the drives
of the filling process.



In case of power failure the machine stops uncontrolled. The restart can take hours and causes high costs.




Securing controlled stops

in case of power failure to avoid long downtimes with high downtime costs.

 mk-koch - anwendungsbeispiele - abfuellanlagen - zeichnung



> Use of DEK2.0 via “Plug&Play”: Supplying the drives
   with the necessary energy for a controlled stop and
   saving all the regenerative brake energy that occurs in the
   ongoing process

> Use of NEV to supply the 24V power grid for controls
   and sensorics



1. Controlled stop of the machine in case of power failure

2. Avoidance of only partially filled bottles - no rejects

3. Bringing the system into a defined state

4. System can be restarted productively without extensive setup times


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