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Metal Saw



Saw blades for high-precision metal saws are often talyor made and very expensive. The saw itself is driven with a defined feed rate.



In case of main power failures the saw blade and the workpiece may wedge. This crash causes damage at the saw blade and the workpiece.



In case of power failure, ensuring the continuation of the drive until the saw blade has moved away from the workpiece.




> Use of KTS-U2004-002 via "Plug & Play":
Supplying the saw with the energy that is necessary until the forward feed is reversed - the saw blade can be moved away from the workpiece.



1. Controlled return of the saw blade out of the workpiece

2. Avoiding damage to the saw blade and the workpiece – no costly and time consuming spare part procurement necessary

3. The machine can keep running without time-consuming set-up times


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