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Textile machine



Multiple drives are connected to one DC link  


In case of power failure and thus reduction in speed to
<10% the machines stop uncontrollably, leading to yarn
breaking and -clewing. Restarting the machines can take hours, thus high downtime costs occur. Especially in production countries with instable grid power, power failures occur multiple times a day, so there this is an enormous problem.




Controlled stop in case of power failure

thus avoiding long downtimes and high setup- and downtime costs
as well as protecting the machine and saving material.



> Use of DEV2.0 via "Plug&Play":
   Supplying the drives with the energy that is
   necessary for controlled stops

> Use of NEV to supply the 24V power grid
   for controls and sensorics





1. Controlled stop of the machine in case of power failure

2. Breaking and clewing yarn is avoided – tremendous time savings when restarting

3. Machine protection and material savings



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