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Awards of Michael Koch GmbH

We are especially excited about the awards, which our company has already received. Next to our high quality products, our company and our effort for a sustainable environment has been awarded. Here is a brief overview. For more information, click "next" or on the picture.



Premier-plaque of honor of SME

Michael Koch GmbH was awarded with the “Premier-plaque of honor“ at the nationwide gala of the “Grand Prix for small and medium-sized enterprises“ in Germany. Only three enterprises are honored with this award throughout Germany. This unique and therefore very special honor was presentednext

20161103 Urkunde-GPDM  

Winner German Grand Prix of SME

Koch are the German Champions, so to speak. At the nationwide gala of the Grand Prix of small and medium-sized enterprises, Michael Koch GmbH from Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany was awarded with the “Premier”, the highest award of the highly-regarded SME awards. Only three companies received this prize for SMEs on a federal level, which is, in contrast to sports, a unique and therefore special occasion ... next

20160923 Urkunde-B-efficient-award-V  


B: Efficient Award 2016


The B:Efficient Award is awarded by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Karlsruhe a forum of young entrepreneurs and managers under 40 years of age who are actively engaged in the corportae world and contribute to sustainability in the region. Under teh umbrella organization of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Karlsruhe, they have been active since 1952 ... next


Certificate B:Efficient Award



B: Efficient Award 2014

On September 29, 2014 the B:Efficient Award 2014 ceremony took place on the premises of the Savings Bank in Karlsruhe. The B:Efficient Award is presented by the Junior Chamber of Karlsruhe. The award honours companies from the Technologie-Region-Karlsruhe for sustained, responsible and effective achievements. In 2014 Michael Koch GmbH was ranked second ... next



 Trophy VR Innovation Award 2013



VR Innovation Award 2013


For the development of our dynamic energy storage DES we received the top prize at this year's VR Innovation prize 2013 for SME’s. The aim of the Innovation Competition of the Volks and Raiffeisenbanks in Baden-Wuerttemberg is to support the inventiveness and creativity of medium sized enterprises... next


 Logo "German Innovation Award 2013"     



German Innovation Award 2013


On 22th April 2013, the finalists of the German Innovation Award 2013 were announced. In the category "Medium-Sized Enterprises" we were nominated for our Dynamic Energy Storage DES by the jury as one of the two finalists... next




 Logo "Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg 2013"  

Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg 2013

The Innovation Award of BW, i.e. the "Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize" is one of the first awards, which were awarded in Germany for innovation. In 1985 the price was awarded for the first time. In 2013 we were selected for the finals from a total of 98 entries with eight other companies. This recognition was the third award we received in 2013 for one of our


Logo "Environmental Award for Companies in Baden-Wurttemberg 2012"  


Environmental Award for Companies in Baden-Wurttemberg 2012


Since 1993, Baden-Wurttemberg's Environmental Award for Companies recognizes companies for outstanding achievements in the field of environmental protection and sustainable business practices. In 2012, this award was awarded for the 15th time in the categories "Industry", "Crafts" and "Trade and Services". In addition, the Jury’s "Energy Excellence" award was presented for the first time in 2012... next


 Trophy "Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises"  

Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises


Winner in Baden-Wuerttemberg in 2007, as primefinalist now also near the top of the nation: In the competition "Grad Prix of Medium-Sized Enterprises" we were awarded the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's second highest award over all. At the award´s gala dinner in Berlin at the end of last year our management was clearly surprised to receive the statuette of the premier finalist in a festive atmosphere. Shortly after the ceremony the award was duly celebrated in our little factory... next

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