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Partnerships, Cooperation & Commitment

Alfred Delp Junior High School
For us the the involvemnt in the region is important, so the cooperation agreement with the Afred Delp school was taken with the target, to provide students a systematic and individual job counseling for their career path. 


Community of Ubstadt-Weiher
We work closley together with the community of Ubstadt-Weiher in many ways as possible and support them wherever possible. We want not to be only a resistant company here, but also make a difference here. 

Regional Economic Promotion Bruchsal

Also with the regional economic promotion Bruchsal we will work together. A constant exchange of valuable information is as importan as support for regionally-based companies.


Chamber of Industry and Commerce Karlsruhe
The collaboration with the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce is an important point for us. Not only because of the cooperation on the apprenticeship training positions that we offer, as well as the training of our employees is of enormous importance.


Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg
Since 2012 we offer a position for a student at the Cooperative State University in Mannheim. The Cooperative State University Mannheim is not only a contact point and training school to provide us with support and advice, the trust into our training is also important.


The Sustainability Code
Since 2015, we have fulfilled all of DNK’s criteria. The DNK describes minimum requirements in regards to reporting aspects of sustainability. As such, it offers a framework for reporting non-financial services that can be implemented by businesses and organizations of any size and legal form.



SIEMENS Product Partner for Drives Options

As SIEMENS Product Partner for Drives Options we offer cutomized solutions for SIEMENS products.

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