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Press releases

In this area you can download material produced for journalists and press agents. The press release section contains key Michael Koch GmbH press releases and official communication issued by the company over the years. Should you have any questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.
All texts, pictures and further information can be used provided that you indicate the correct source.




June 22, 2017


DC link energy as required
Protection of electric drives against voltage fluctuations, reduction of load peaks, off-grid use of regen energy: The requirements and framework conditions can hardly be more different. KTS is a very flexible system with solutions for all cases. The KTS systems from Michael Koch GmbH are ready-to-use energy management systems with a peak power of well over 100 kilowatts and energy levels of up to 1.8 megajoules. The systems are based on a combination of power electronics, super capacitor modules, and additional modules that are perfectly tailored to the specific application.






May 22, 2017


Safe discharge unit ensures safety
Cabinet maintenance work required whilst the capacities are still charged? To this end, Michael Koch GmbH is introducing a connectible, overload-proof resistor unit. It discharges the capacities to a desired, safe voltage level within a reasonable timeframe. The safe discharge unit with the type designation SDU-200 is able to hold ca. 200 kilowatt-seconds of energy at a discharge capacity of around 1,400 watts.






May 22, 2017


Easy Sizing of DC link energy
The brand-new tool with intuitive menu navigation eases the initial selection of an appropriate energy management system for Drive Controller: The application and therewith product is preselected, then the data of the application is entered. After a short calculation time, the tool feeds back one or more technically-fitting product configurations as a result.






December 8, 2016


The Main Prize “Premier” goes to Michael Koch GmbH
Koch are the German Champions, so to speak. At the nationwide gala of the Grand Prix of small and medium-sized enterprises, Michael Koch GmbH from Ubstadt-Weiher was awarded with the “Premier”, the highest award of the highly-regarded SME awards.



Michael and Christine Koch with the Premier.



September 22, 2016

Award for sustainable activities

“B:Efficient” is the name of the award that was awarded to the Michael Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of dynamic energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors based in the town of Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany. The award recognizes companies for their sustainablle, responsible and efficient activities.  




August 24, 2016

Made for UK… and for the world of electric drives
“Made for UK” is the name of the new campaign by Michael Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of dynamic energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors based in the town of Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany. The vote on Brexit has been cast. The UK wants to leave the EU.  


 Here you see the logo of our campagne Made for UK.


July 20, 2016


Powerful and compact brake resistor
The new line of BWx225xxx brake resistors launched by Michael Koch GmbH guarantees users a continuous power of 90 watts. Given its range of discrete resistance values of 10 to 300 Ohm this product covers all the common ranges.



 Der neue Bremswiderstand von Koch BWx225xxx.

June 14, 2016


Flexible Energy-Manager for DC networks
At the very heart of the drive system, at the DC link of the drive controller or converter, sits a new device that takes care of energy consumption of the drive controller. Michael Koch GmbH's DSM 4.0 dynamic storage manager is a crucial part in the smooth running of your system, courtesy of this German company from Ubstadt-Weiher in the country's Baden region.



Hier finden Sie Informationen zu der Pressemeldung zum Dynamischen Speicher Manager von Koch.


March 15, 2016


Flexible energy manager for DC Links
At the Hannover Trade Fair from April 25th until April 29th, Michael Koch GmbH, manufacturer of energy storage solutions and safe resistors, is presenting the Dynamic Storage Manager DSM4.0 for the first time.



 Der Dynamische Speicher-Manager DSM4.0 der Michael Koch GmbH für drei verschiedene elektrische Speichermedien und sehr unterschiedliche Einsatzfälle: Flexibilität und Kommunikationsfähigkeit für die moderne Antriebstechnik in allen Branchen

Februaury 26, 2016


Made for USA and for the world of electric drives
Michael Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors, will be making their appearance at the Hannover Messe from April 25th to 29th with the slogan “Made for USA”. With this, Koch is responding particularly to the fair’s partner country for this year and to the special interest of and in the USA.




Made for USA, zu sehen sind der Geschäftsführer Michael Koch, der Prokurist Fabian Hofmann und der Teamleiter Produktion Tobias Stengel.
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