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Michael Koch GmbH presents Dynamic Brake-Manager DBM 4.0


Dynamic Brake-Manager operates as a brake chopper


Michael Koch GmbH from Germany, manufacturer of smart energy management systems and safe brake resistors, presents the Dynamic Brake-Manager DBM 4.0 for the first time at the Hannover Messe USA, the IAMD in Chicago from September 10 to 15, 2018. The new device is the perfect complement to the company's product range in terms of energy management in DC links.

The device, weighing approximately 6 kg and measuring 340 x 102 x 187 mm (HxWxD), operates as a braking chopper in a DC link, i.e. when a preset voltage is exceeded, the DBM 4.0 switches onto a safe brake resistor, thereby diverting brake energy from the system in a highly dynamic manner. The maximum brake power of the DBM 4.0 is 28.8 kW, at a duty cycle of up to 5 percent and a maximum operating voltage of 800 VDC. The DBM 4.0 can be attached to a single drive controller as well as to a multi-axis system or a larger DC network. Its integration capacity, performance and communication capabilities are important key features. Depending on the application, the Dynamic Brake-Manager DBM 4.0 is offered as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a safe brake resistor from the same company.

The flexible DBM 4.0 can be operated with different single resistors and combinations, depending on the application. The resistor is selected according to the performance requirement and the duty cycle. Koch finds the right solution for their customers for each operating point per DBM 4.0 connected. The resistor can be placed where the waste heat can best be dissipated. If one DBM 4.0 is not sufficient, a parallel connection is also possible. Thanks to its versatile communication capabilities, valuable information such as status, performance and DC link voltage can be read out at any time, also on a bus system.




Koch DBM40-k


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