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Michael Koch GmbH presents its dynamic energy management systems for DC links

DC link energy as required


Protection of electric drives against voltage fluctuations, reduction of load peaks, off-grid use of regen energy: The requirements and framework conditions can hardly be more different. KTS is a very flexible system with solutions for all cases. The KTS systems from Michael Koch GmbH are ready-to-use energy management systems with a peak power of well over 100 kilowatts and energy levels of up to 1.8 megajoules. The systems are based on a combination of power electronics, super capacitor modules, and additional modules that are perfectly tailored to the specific application.

The KTS is connected directly to the DC link of your drive system and provides energy in the event of an interruption. It can also be used as a cyclic buffer for brake energy. What if the application requires both features? No problem – the KTS is simply the ideal solution. In addition, all the necessary safety systems are integrated in the system and the delivered system is completely wired and ready for connection. This simplifies your initial operation significantly since, in most cases, all you need to do is just connect the power and communication cables.

The modular design of the electronics and storage allows for a fine gradation in relation to the required power and energy quantity. The dynamic storage manager (DSM 4.0) masters the necessary power electronics, the energy is stored in super capacitor modules. Here, the application data are critical for the initial sizing that is used to determine the necessary components. For example, if 100 KW of power are needed for 10 seconds, you can use a KTS module with the 2000 x 1200 x 600 mm (H x W x D) control cabinet. If 20 kilowatts should be stored for 15 seconds and then supplied to the system within a minute, you can use the KTS module in the 2,000 x 600 x 600 mm control cabinet (see photo).

Koch also offers useful auxiliary devices for integration into the KTS: These include a safe discharge unit (SDU) that comes in handy during your maintenance work. The SDU discharges the stored voltage down to a safe level within a reasonable time. You can also use a NEV module for emergency power supply of your 24 V peripheral equipment.

With its modular and flexible energy management system, Koch has managed to offer a new dimension in power and energy. The system is easy to size using a web-based tool and comes with all the necessary protection and customized peripherals in a suitable, ready-to-connect control cabinet. It is simply a safe system that offers numerous advantages in the desired form.


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