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Michael Koch GmbH presents web-based sizing tool

Easy sizing of DC link energy


The brand-new tool with intuitive menu navigation eases the initial selection of an appropriate energy management system for Drive Controller: The application and therewith product is preselected, then the data of the application is entered. After a short calculation time, the tool feeds back one or more technically-fitting product configurations as a result. A continuous sizing of the application based on the entered performances and times underpin the calculation, resulting in an outcome more technically comprehensive than just for primary orientation.



All areas are covered by the webtool, whether brake energy needs to be buffered or energy reserved for emergencies should be held. The sensible technical solution is calculated for both cases individually or combined. Raw data of the individual application is quickly entered, potential product configurations swiftly determined. The whole spectrum of potential performances and energy amounts is covered, from small and simple units to solutions which span over several control cabinets. The results of the in-depth calculations offer a first reliable impression of what the proper technical system will look like. The final analysis of the system, considering possible further specifications and special circumstances, continues to take place directly between Koch and the interested party.


The new tool can be found at

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