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New at Hannover Messe 2016

One device for all drives and many storage medias

Flexible Energy-Manager for DC networks 20160403 DSM-Speichermedium

At the very heart of the drive system, at the DC link of the drive controller or converter, sits a new device that takes care of energy consumption of the drive controller. Michael Koch GmbH's DSM 4.0 dynamic storage manager is a crucial part in the smooth running of your system, courtesy of this German company from Ubstadt-Weiher in the country's Baden region. Complimented by storage media suitable for your applications, this system helps to avoid problems, reduce costs, and even to increase your productivity.

The DSM 4.0 dynamic storage manager functions as an active link between electric storage media and the DC grid of the drive controller. The DSM 4.0 can be linked up directly with the DC link of the drive controller. Whatever tasks this DC link throws at the DSM 4.0, the dynamic storage manager made by Koch will master them. The areas of use and the advantages of using this device are very varied and cover a wide range of options. This is why the dynamic storage manager is part of a solidly built system. This also means that the aspects of performance, energy, and frequency of use in a very wide range of applications are all covered.

Depending on the application, the device will be configured accordingly and Koch will deliver it complete with storage and back up. Should you not have enough space in your switch cabinet, you can use one of Koch’s ready-to-be-installed and interconnected technology cabinets. All you have to do is link them up. This basically covers four main areas of use: buffering the brake energy, increasing the energy efficiency, easing pressure on the drive electronics, and increasing the productivity thanks to higher machine speeds. Electrolyte capacitors allow for short recovery times and high cycle resistance.

Reducing peak loads, and thereby avoiding undesired effects on the grid, is another example of one of the main areas in which this device can be used. The DSM 4.0 dynamic storage manager stores a level of energy that has been defined within the framework of application engineering. It is also set up in such a way that the exact amount of energy needed for peak loads can be made available by entering the relevant command. The average energy consumption only accounts to a fraction of the peak load for which the electric installation of a machine without DSM 4.0 has been designed. This is where the potential for saving energy lies. Moreover, the storage units make it possible to increase the energy efficiency of your machine considerably.

Bridging drops in voltage or powering drive systems in the event of a power outage is another area in which the DSM 4.0 can be used. In the event of a power outage, when the drive controller can no longer be supplied with energy from the grid, the DSM 4.0 keeps the drive system going without interruption. The range of these cases covers anything from regularly occurring voltage fluctuations in very weak grids to instances in which power outages are a rare occurrence. For the latter, batteries may be used with which the DSM 4.0 is also set up to work. No matter which solution you choose, none of our systems require maintenance.

The fourth area in which this device may be used is running your system without any connection to the power grid. Should you have access to the power grid, the DSM 4.0 will, along with the energy storage units connected to it, deliver the energy needed to permanently operate your system or systems. Achieving 280 mega joule per storage manager is not a problem when using batteries. This energy is not only available for one or more drives but can be used to power 24 volt DC grids for peripherals by way of back-up energy supplies. Controls, IPCs, sensors, brakes are all examples of the devices that can be powered using the Koch system.

Product information:

Basic parameters of the Dynamic Storage-Manager DSM 4.0 in the system:
- Continuous voltage DC link from 180 to 800 VDC
- Peak current maximal 60 A for a duration of 6 seconds
- Continuous current maximal 20 A
- Memory voltage maximal 450 VDC (at 400 VAC supply voltage of the Drive Controller)
- Power up to 27 kW, for higher powers parallel connection
- Dimensions H x W x D 340 x 102 x 187 mm
- Digital I/Os
- Bus connection RS422/RS485
- Weight ca. 6 kg
- Protection class IP20

Energy and number of cycles per DSM 4.0:
- Elektrolytic capacitor with energies from 1,4 to 40 kJ and over 100 million cycles
- Super capacitors from 80 to 1.600 kJ and over 1 million cycles
- Batteries with 3.000 to 280.000 kJ and over 1.000 cycles

 Monitoring function:
- Digital I/Os for storage monitoring and contactor triggering
- Bus communication for advanced analysis and control capabilities

20160504 Koch-DSM4.0-System

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