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Flexible energy manager for DC Links Koch-DSM40-h

At the Hannover Trade Fair from April 25th until April 29th, Michael Koch GmbH, manufacturer of energy storage solutions and safe resistors, is presenting the Dynamic Storage Manager DSM4.0 for the first time. The device allows balancing DC Links with a voltage level of up to 800 Volt DC, meaning temporarily storing superfluous energy and providing missing energy once needed. The DSM4.0 offers some special attributes which make it a universal solution. Its ability to be able to store energy in all kind of different storage solutions of electrolyte capacitors, double layer capacitors as well as batteries is fascinating and therefore this system is advantageous to a broad spectrum of applications. Its functions are ideally adjusted to the respective energy storage.

The application decides: Is there a need to buffer brake energy? Or a need to bridge power failures or voltage fluctuation? Or a need to fulfill both tasks? The DSM4.0 masters all situations it is used in. The storage devices are assigned depending on number of cycles and amount of energy needed. Over 100 million cycles are possible for very fast application. And up to many thousand cycles once a large amount of energy, meaning kilowatt hours, is needed. And in between those two limits exist solutions for medium energy amounts in combination with over 1 million cycles. The system is absolutely flexible because the DSM4.0 can access several storage devices of the same technology at the same time. Like this the energy amount is easily expandable. Vice versa several DSM4.0 can access one single storage device simultaneously by being connected in parallel and thus increase the necessary power. And in addition to that devices that are used as energy buffers can be used simultaneously with devices used as energy bridges for function preservation on the same DC Link. A system kit par excellence!

This newest development by Koch communicates with the Drive Controller or a superior control system and performs energy balance commands spontaneously. Negative circuit feedback can be minimized by a reduction of peak loads which can even have a positive impact on the investment costs when connecting to the grid. At the same time, Koch is introducing the sister device KSM4.0 to the market which covers the lower voltage range of 170 to 500 volt DC. So the DSM4.0 and the KSM4.0 together cover the voltage range of DC Links from 170 up to 800 VDC. And in case of retrofit and missing space, it is possible to deliver the whole unit in fully equipped and connectible control cabinets.

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