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Michael Koch GmbH reacts to Brexit

Made for UK… and for the world of electric drivesHere you see the logo of the campagne Made for UK form Koch. This is for the brexit.

“Made for UK” is the name of the new campaign by Michael Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of dynamic energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors based in the town of Ubstadt-Weiher, Germany. The vote on Brexit has been cast. The UK wants to leave the EU. “This is very unfortunate, but we want to maintain good relationships with our British customers”, explains Fabian Hofmann, Chief Operating Officer at Koch. This is why Koch took the opportunity of the UK leaving the EU to launch the new campaign “Made for UK”, which sends out the message that Koch will not charge British companies buying products any sort of Brexit fee.

Koch would like to announce that besides not levying any Brexit fees, there will be no obstacles that could stand in the way of exporting to the UK. “Our first-class and individual application support, as well as fast response times and reliable delivery, continue to make us a professional business partner,” explains Michael Koch, managing partner at Koch.

On the company’s own website www.made-for-uk-com, Koch shows why their innovative products are predestined for British drives. The award-winning dynamic energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors are synonymous with smart use of the DC link energy. And they are also “Made for UK”, which means nothing less than that they are advantageous for the entire world of electric drive technology.

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