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Made for USA and for the world of electric drives

You see our manager Michael Koch and the authorized officer Fabian Hofmann and produce manager Tobias Stengel.Michael Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors, will be making their appearance at the Hannover Messe from April 25th to 29th with the slogan “Made for USA”. With this, Koch is responding particularly to the fair’s partner country for this year and to the special interest of and in the USA. This applies to the presented products as well as for the documentation. “We are interested in the particular needs of our customers everywhere,” says Fabian Hofmann, Sales Director of Koch, “but if we can meet the requirements for America, then that is a seal of quality for exports to the whole world.”

What works for the USA and what is embraced there is then also usually well received across the world. And the world of Koch is the management of DC Link energy of drives. Koch’s products make it easier for machine builders to succeed in foreign markets around the world.

On their dedicated website, Koch shows why their innovative products are already predestined for American drives. The award-winning energy storage solutions and safe brake resistors from Koch represent the smart use of DC Link energy of drives. And they are also “Made for USA”, which ultimately means nothing other than that they are advantageous for the whole world of electric drives.

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