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Dynamic Brake-Manager DBM 4.0


The device acts as a brake chopper in DC links, which means that the DBM 4.0 switches onto a safe brake resistor when the set voltage is exceeded, thereby diverting braking energy from the system in a highly dynamic manner. The DBM 4.0 can be attached to individual drive controllers as well as multi-axis systems or larger DC networks. Its key features are integration capacity, performance and communication skills. Depending on the application, the Dynamic Brake Manager DBM 4.0 can be provided as an individual device or in conjunction with a safe brake resistor, also provided from Koch.


Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature -10°C to +65°C (transport, storage)
0°C to +40°C (operation)
Relative humidity <95% (transport, storage)
<85 % (operation)
Type of cooling air cooling (convection)
Protection class of the housing IP20
Degree of contamination of installation location     2


Technical Data DBM 4.0

Maximum brake power

28,8 kW up to 5% duty cycle (120 s cycle)

Max. operating voltage 800 VDC
Dimensions mm H x W x D 340 x 102 x 187 mm
Digitale I/Os +
Bus connection RS422/RS485
Weight ca. 6,0 kg
Protection class IP20


Technical Data Brake Resistor

Depending on the application                                                  


 Download: Datasheet


Der Dynamische Brems-Manger DBM 4.0 von Michael Koch GmbH.


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