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Dynamic Discharge-Manager 4.0

The perfect supplement for capacitor banks with an energy capacity of up to two megajoules – controlled by one or more Dynamic Storage Manager DSM 4.0. Connected directly to the DC Link the Dynamic Discharge-Manager DDM 4.0 can lead to a safe voltage level of both, the drivecontroller and the storage units. The residual voltage in the system then is at a voltage level of about ten volts, thus making the system safe towork on. The DDM 4.0 is known for its perfect discharge using a safe braking resistor that is optimally designed with our B3H3.6100-1000IP65.

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature   -10°C to +65°C (transport, storage)
0°C to +40°C (operation)
Relative humidity   <95% (transport, storage)
<85% (operation)
Type of cooling   air cooling (convection)
Protection class of the housing   IP20
Degree of contamination
of installation location  


Technical Data DDM 4.0Unsere neues Produkt der Dynamische Entlade-Manager.

Parameter   Value                                 
Average discharge power  

ca. 3.500 W

Maximum discharging energy   >2.000 kJ
Max. operating voltage   800 VDC
Dimensions mm H x W x D   340 x 102 x 187 mm
Digital I/Os   +
Bus connection   RS422/RS485
Weight   ca. 6,0 KG
Protection class   IP20


Technical Data B3H3.6100-1000IP65

Nominal output   3.600 W
Resistance value   11,1 Ohm
Dimensions mm H x W x D   550 x 330 x 150 mm
Weight   ca. 13,0 kg
Protection class   IP65


 Download: Data Sheet

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