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Control cabinet solutions - KTS

If there is not enough space in the cabinet
Control cabinet solutions - KTS

The standard control cabinets, which we offer for the case when our energy management systems no longer have any space in the control cabinet of the machine or installation, are designated with KTS.

Eventually, many machine operators also want to use the benefits of DES, DEV, DEK as well as KES, KEV, KEK and NEV for existing machines. Upgrade and retrofit are the terms for them. But even "option" in the case of new machines. We can equip control cabinets for these situations and supply them completely mounted. We offer control cabinets in two sizes - a small and a large variant - depending on the kind and amount of built-in devices.

The KTS control cabinets have the dimensions (height x width x depth) 800 x 600 x 400 mm (31.50 x 23.62 x 15.75 in) pr 1,000 x 600 x 400 mm (39.37 x23.62 x 15.75 in) and can be supplied in almost countless mounting variants very quickly.

Download: data sheet

The small cabinet can at most be equipped with a Dynamic Power Supply Unit DEV 3.0 and nine extension modules connected to it, from which an energy packet with 38 KJ results when it is used as the drive´s short-term USV. Thus there is still space for ten NEVs, and thus for the Emergency Power Supply of the 24 Volt grids with at most 150 VA in each case. Or two DEV 2.0 with four extension modules in each case with a total of 18 kJ per cabinet. Fewer devices than the described maximum equipment obviously are also possible.

The large cabinet can be equipped at most with seven individual Dynamic Energy Storages DES or Dynamic Energy Combinations DEK or even less with the option to connect to extension modules. This cabinet is equipped with temperature monitoring by thermostat and active ventilation.

The narrow-two-meter-cabinet is often equipped with our Dynamic Storage Manager DSM 4.0 with big double layer capacitor modules. At most with four DSM 4.0 and one megajoule of energy. And the wide-two-meter-cabinet at most with seven DSM 4.0 and approx. 1,7 megajoule of energy.

Additional equippment is not designed or planned.

But of course it is also possible individually. However, then the initialisation expense clearly hits the cost situation. Yet even here, the usual applies and in
any case: We can discuss it! Contact us!

Unser großer Schaltschrank Download: data sheet

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