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Safe Discharge Unit SDU

The self-protecting device with an energy intake capacity of about 200 kilowatt seconds (SDU-200) respectively of about 400 kilowatt seconds (SDU-400) and a discharge power of approx. 1,400 watts, is the perfect addition for capacitor banks. The connection to the DC link via DC switch makes the unit ideal for ensuring a safe voltage level of the drive controller and the capacitor modules, for example, during maintenance. An emergency discharge unit is integrated as well.

Environmental conditions

Parameter Value
Ambient temperature              

-10°C to +65°C (transport, storage)
0°C to + 40°C (operation)

Relative humidity

<95% (transport, storage)
<85% (operation)

Type of cooling air cooling (convection)
Protection class of the housing IP20
Degree of contamination of installation location 2
Noise emission The SDU does not emit any noise (< 70 dB(A))

Technical data SDU20170425-SDU-Produkte

Parameter      SDU-200      SDU-400
Average discharge power approx. 1,400 W approx. 1,400 W
Energy intake approx. 200 kWs approx. 400 kWs
Max. operating voltage 800 VDC 800 VDC
Nominal operating voltage 470 VDC 470 VDC
Isolation voltage 2,800 VDC 2,800 VDC
Max. surface temp. on the housing front 30°C front 60°C
Max. surface temp. on the housing top 55°C top 85 °C
Dimensions mm H x W x D 340 x 102 x 90 340 x 102 x 92
Weight approx. 3,0 kg approx. 3,7 kg
Max. cable cross section 4 mm² 4 mm²
Nominal cross section 2,5 mm² 2,5 mm²
Schutzart IP20 IP20


Technical data of the switchable emergency discharge integrated in the SDU

Average discharge power          approx. 40 W


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