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Complete active energy management systems Unser großer Schaltschrank



KTS refers to the standard control cabinets that we offer in case there is no space for our active energy management systems in the control cabinet of the machine or plant. We design the KTS individually to suit the customer and deliver it as ready-to-connect.


KTS-U - Energy in case of emergency

The systems with the designation KTS-U deliver the necessary energy completely without interruptions to bridge voltage fluctuations or power failures and thereby help the machine or plant to reach a safe position.


KTS-C - System for cyclical uses

The KTS-C series is used to buffer generative energy on its own or in combination with a UPS function. It is prepared for cyclical loads.



Safe discharge unit SDUVKoch-SDU-Entladeeinheit

Connectible, overload-protected discharge unit for capacitances built into the KTS.




24 Volt Emergency Energy Supply NEVNOtstrom Energieversorung der Michael Koch GmbH erweitert die Vielfalt der Produkte die im Fabrikle produziert werden.

Power supply for the safe supply of 24-volt mains from the machine or plant from the storages of the KTS.



Futher information to the accessories for electronics you will find now here!


Of course, KOCH is also available to provide sizing support.

Your competent contact for all active energy management systems and safe brake resistors is:

Jens Knaus

Call us or send us an email. We will get back to you promptly.

Tel. +49 7251/96 26 238










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