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Safe brake resistors for SINAMICS G110D products by Siemens

Decentral drive technology requires special solutions. The inverters must be adapted to the prevailing environmental conditions and must reliably fulfil their tasks. KOCH offers fitting brake resistors with a high protection class. KOCH is also capable of meeting specific requirements at any time. The solution shown here has a wave hose, which was needed as insect protection for an airport project. KOCH offers many other customer-specific solutions.


> compact
> highly impulse secure
> space saving
> low inductance
> protection class up to IP 65
> intrinsically safe* under persistent overloads
   - no short-circuit
   - self-extinguishing
   - no fault to frame

* The intrinsically safety is usually given with 4 time of permanent type power.

Allocation – Braking resistors with lateral attachment to Siemens SINAMICS G110D products

SINAMICS products
  min / max.   
(HO - LO)              
above/ below
  KOCH number
  max Power
kW 5%       duty-cycle*               
  Ohm value
  nominal power [W]
G110D   400   A   0,75 - 3,0
  100   BWD250390HSI   1,50   390   100
G110D   400   B   4,0
  100   BWD500160HSI   2,75   160   200
G110D   400   C   5,5 - 7,5
  100   BWD600080HSI   4,00   80   240

 *at an ambient temperature of 20° C


Your competent contact for all active energy management systems and safe brake resistors is:

Jens Knaus

Call us or send us an email. We will get back to you promptly.

Tel. +49 7251/96 26 238










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