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Brake resistors for SINAMICS G110M products by Siemens

The decentral inverter with a high protection class (up to IP66) is built in a modular way, consists of a control unit and power module, and is designed for use as a motor-integrated inverter on SIMOGEAR gearmotor. A safe brake resistor that meets comparable requirements is best suited for these special demands. KOCH has also created a fitting solution here. Whether the inverter is equipped with an option such as a maintenance switch or a 24V power supply, or it is used without such an option, the external brake resistors can be connected easily and without hassle.


> compact
> highly impluse secure
> space saving
> low inductance
> protection class up to IP 65
> intrinsically safe* under persistent overloads
   - no short-circuit
   - self-extinguishing
   - no fault to frame

* The intrinsically safety is usually given with 4 time of permanent type power.

Allocation – Braking resistors with lateral attachment to Siemens SINAMICS G110M products

SINAMICS products
  KOCH number   Execution  

max Power kW 5%


  Ohm value
  nominal power [W]
Version with protection tube
FSA BWD600200K01SI-1 without locking plate 4 200 240
FSB BWD600080K01SI-1 without locking plate 4 80 240
FSA BWD600200K01SI-2 with locking plate 4 200 240
FSB BWD600080K01SI-2 with locking plate 4 80 240
Version with shielded cable
FSA BWG600200K01SI-3 Without looking plate 4 200 240
FSB BWG600080K01SI-3 Without locking plate 4 80 240
FSA BWG600200K01SI-4 with locking plate 4 200 240
FSB BWG600080K01SI-4 with locking plate 4 80 240

 *at an ambient temperature of 20° C


Your competent contact for all active energy management systems and safe brake resistors is:

Jens Knaus

Call us or send us an email. We will get back to you promptly.

Tel. +49 7251/96 26 238









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