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The combination, which saves energy and trouble

The DEK combines the functions of a storage module for brake energy and a short time UPS.

Active buffer and support module optimally combined

> with a digital interface
> provides support during power failures or interruptions
> for single axis and multi axes systems
> stores brake energy and increases energy efficiency

Double protection with one device

DEKThe DEK combines the advantages of the Dynamic Energy Storage DES and the Dynamic Energy Supply DEV in a single device. The energy storage of the DEK absorbs the released braking energy and ensures that it has always enough energy to bypass energy interruptions or in case of a power failure to bring the machine in a defined stop. Therefore, the DEK protects against the effects of a insufficient power supply and helps reducing energy consumption.

Energy-efficient, network-independent, universal and maintenance-free

DEK has no contact with the power grid, whereby unwanted power quality disturbances are excluded. As an active capacity expansion of the DC link the DEK recognizes without any delay the prevailing requirements of the drive system. Whether braking, acceleration or power fluctuation - the DEK responds to the requirements and decides whether it should leave ore absorb energy.

The DEK saves the released braking energy and pumps it back when the inverter is driven before the power will be taken from the grid. This can halve the energy consumption of many applications. In case of a power failure, the DEK maintains the voltage level of the DC link at a level to bypass the interruption without disturbance and/or to bring the machine to a defined stop from where it may be restarted without effort.

After only a few steps, the DEK is operational. No adjustments have to be made, whether before or after the operation. It can be used on almost all inverters and servo controller with a DC link voltage of 850 VDC. The DEK can be upgraded also to existing applications. Expansion modules are available if the storage capacity is not enough. Unexpected energy peaks can be taken by an integrated PTC resistor, which can be also used as a discharge resistor.

Specifications DEK 2.0

Usable storage capacity of up to  2,000 Ws
Continuous voltage direct current  according to UL 800 VDC
Power  max. 18 kW
Built-in PTC braking resistor  +
Dimensions: H x W x D

 300 x 100 x 201 mm (11.81 x 3.94 x 7.91 in)

Weight approx.  6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
Protection class  IP 20


Download: Data sheet

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