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Dynamic Energy Storage DES 2.0 saves energy

Active buffer module for DC links

> for single axis and mutli axes systems
> adjusts itself independently right from the start (Black Box)
> no buttons, display indicators, other controls
> shorter cycle times result in increased efficiency

DES - Dynamic Energy StorageIncreasing energy efficiency

The Dynamic Energy Storage DES offers new opportunities to deal with braking energy. I.e. without power grid. A device, that can be used on almost all converters and servo controllers that have a maximum DC link voltage of 800 VDC. For a number of applications, this represents an opportunity to increase energy efficiency, save on resources while also protecting your nerves and even the electrical grid. 

The operation - saving without power quality disturbances

Contrary to a direct extension of the capacity of the converters DC link, the active DES is not connected to the upstream electrical grid. The DES is only charged when braking. One of the most important consequences of this feature is: The DES does not result in power quality disturbances. The energy supply determines the level of its threshold voltage independently. The DES absorbs all the energy that would cause the voltage in the DC link to rise above this level. Conversely, the DES returns energy when the voltage level is not reached, i.e. the converter would be driven by electrical energy derived from the power grid. This is the decisive point to save energy. If the energy level in the DES capacitor falls below the dynamically determined charging voltage due to energy being dissipated, the DES terminates its operation and waits for the next braking event to recharge its capacitor with the available energy. Charging, discharging, recharging, etc. can take place in a fraction of a second without power quality disturbances.


Expansion module EM 2.0
DES - Dynamischer Energiespeicher

Under some conditions, the Dynamic Energy Storage DES suffers from an insufficient storage volume. This is when expansion modules are being used. They are simply connected with the DES by means of a cable with polarity protected plugs. Nothing else. Before connecting the DES, the storage capacitors are to be safely discharged via the discharge resistor installed in the expansion modules. The number of connected expansion modules, i.e. the amount of stored energy is tailored to match the requirements of the application.


Technical specifications DES 2.0

Available storage capacity, up to 1,600 Ws
Continuous voltage DC link max. 800 VDC
Output power max. 18 kW
Built-in PTC braking resistor  +
Dimensions H x W x D 300 x 100 x 201 mm (11.81 x 3.94 x 7.91 in) 
Weight approx.     6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
Protection classt IP 20


Download: Data sheet


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