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Off-grid energy storage for high capacity drives


Dynamic Energy Storage DES 3.0

Other device with higher load capacity - approximately by a factor of 1.5 for the DES 3.0 .Thus, while the Dynamic Energy Storage DES 2.0 can store and deliver about 800 watt-seconds in a cycle lasting one second, the new DES 3.0 can store about 1,200 watt seconds. Or vice versa: The new device can store high amounts of energy and then release it again in a shorter amount of time. With similar exterior dimensions, these high capacities are achieved by modified electronics and significantly improved active cooling systems. Similar to the DES 2.0, the DES 3.0 has a standard energy storage device with about 1,600 watt-seconds. The new device are conform with the requirements of UL.

The new device DES 3.0 have self-teaching properties, similar to the DES 2.0. This means that they only require three cables to be connected to the respective DC link and the braking chopper output of the drive inverter and you are set to go i.e. no configuration, commissioning procedures or even programming – this is incredibly simple, but true. Advanced planning is required in advance to analyse the application carefully. This means that the correct power for the device and the storage capacity can be precisely defined and used. It only remains to connect the DES to save electrical energy.

All DES devices are suitable for use with any standard types of inverter because they are designed to control DC link circuit voltages up to 800 volts DC (UL). Depending on the application, they can recover up to 50 percent of the electrical energy to return it to the application. Short cycle times are of critical importance for an economic efficiency analysis. If high powers are required, there are devices of the Dynamic Energy Storage DES are cater for these higher loads.

The DES 3.0 is quickly available after your order. We are very happy to work with you and examine your application to provide the best solution for this specific requirement.

 Dynamic Energiy Storage DES2.0 and DES3.0 

 Higher loading capacities for the Dynamic Energy Storage DES
of the Michael Koch GmbH provided by the device DES 3.0.

 Download: Data sheet

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