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KEK - for single-phase drive controllers

Active supply module for DC links

> for single axis and multi axes systems
> buffers braking energy for use in the system
> no buttons, display indicators, other controls
> provides support during power failures or interruptions
> with a digital interface


Combined optimally: Buffer with UPS-function

KEK can both store braking energy as well as compensate for voltage fluctuations and power failures. This is enabled by the division of the storage into one area for braking energy and one for the short-term UPS energy, where the UPS area is allocated at least half of the energy storage. The exact division of the amount of energy available is thus the result of application engineering.

Starting with an example where it applies that 500 Joules of energy are stored temporarily, the remaining 1,100 Joules are stored for the UPS case.

Connecting the KEK to the machine is very easily done by three strands via "Plug&Play". The device then works without any further actions. Based on its concept the KEK can easily be tested in an existing system   as a retrofit solution. To be installed the KEK has to be connected in parallel to the existing braking resistor   of the converter of the drive system. After a few cycles the collected data in the processor can be read out  and evaluated. Based on the analysis of these data the suitable KEK solution can be chosen - can it get any easier than this? 


Technical specifications KEK

Available storage capacity, up to

1,600  WS
Continuous voltage DC link 540 VDC max.
Output power 10.4 kW max.
Built- in PTC braking resistor  +
Dimensions H x W x D 300 x 100 x 201 mm  (11.81 x 3.94 x 7.91 in)
Weight approx. 6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
Protection class IP 20

Download: Data sheet


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