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KES - for single-phase drive controllers

Active buffer module for DC links

> for single axis and multi axes systems
> independent adjustment (Black Box)
> no displays or any kind of control elements
> shorter cycle times lead to / result in increased efficiency 


The operation - savings without circuit feedback 

Unlike the direct DC link capacity expansion of converters, the active KES does not have any contact with the input side of the mains / electrical grid. The KES is only energised and charged in the event of braking. This feature leads to one of the most important characteristics: the KES does not cause any circuit feedbacks.

The KES adjusts itself to its starting voltage level. From this point on all energy which would lead to the voltage of the DC link exceeding this level is absorbed by the KES. Once the voltage level of the DC link falls below this level the KES returns the stored energy. This is the moment of saving energy, because instead ot using power from the grid the converter is driven by electrical energy from the KES!

The KES stops sopplying energy once the voltage level in its capacitor reaches the dynamically established charging level / minimum voltage level and waits for the next braking event which recharges the capacitor. Charging, discharging, charging, etc., can take place in fractions of a second, without causing any power circuit feedbacks.

Technical data of the KES

Available energy storage  1,300 Ws
Continuous voltage of the DC link
max. 540 VDC
Power max.10,4 kW
Internal PTC braking resistor (discharging)   +
H x B x D dimensions 300 x 100 x 201 mm (11.81 x 3.94 x 7.91 in)
Weight approx.
6.9 kg (15.21 lbs)
Protection class
IP 20


Download: Data sheet

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