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Safe brake resistor in PTC technology

With four mechanical and electrical ranges of 35, 70, 105 and 140 watts continuous power on a heat sink, the PTC brake resistors cover the power requirements of small frequency inverters and servo controllers. Similar to the level of wire-based brake resistors, the impulse power ratings are of major importance for the applications and have a factor of 35 with a 1 percent duty cycle. The elements which may be installed in the inverter´s enclosure are also known as ballast resistors and have an IP20 protection class. Several mechanical designs are available in the series. Customer requirements are implemented   as necessary when the order involves sufficient quantities. The resistance values for each type are dynamic with respect to the temperature at the PTC (see R(T) curve) and the applied voltage.



PTC brake resistors - resistors with
an integrated self-protection function.
The resistance value of these
resistors increases up to high
resistance at a defined temperature.

Rated Power: 35 - 140 W
Resistances: 44 bis 1.750 Ohm
Protection class: IP20


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