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Safe brake resistors in wire-wound technology

Safe brake resistors for electric drive technology are subject to specific requirements. High pulse load capacity with controlled surface temperature including a conclusive safety concept with continuous overload is required.
Taking all parameters into account, we achieved an optimum with our safe brake resistors in wire-wound technology. In compliance with relevant standards, subcomponents were selected and installed in a stable, anodised aluminum housing by means of specific design measures.
The result is something we are proud of: Particularly impulse-resistant, low-induction resistors with a specific safety concept combined with a long service life.

Data sheet BWx


Data sheet AWx


Our single brake resistors BWx are
available in the series 150, 200, 250,
350, 375, 500, 600, 1000.


Our single brake resistors AWx are
available in the series 300 or in
device-specific design.

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