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Dynamic Storage-Manager KSM


Sie sehen den KSM 4.0.The KSM 4.0 is the heart of a system which provides you with numerous advantages. Hereby it basically helps you to earn more money. Either by directly saving electrical energy or by increasing the productivity of your machine or system. The KSM 4.0, in many cases, can lead to an acceleration of the process and with it an increase in the amount of produced parts per time unit. Or it intercepts voltage dips which usually cause standstills and/or a loss of data. It can reduce peak loads and keep up the energy supply to the system in case of planned and unplanned mains interruptions: for seconds, minutes or even longer. Because it manages different storage media, which are can be chosen based on the applications requirements. And all of that maintenance-free.

The Friend of DC Links

In the center of the system is the Dynamic Storage-Manager KSM 4.0. It is the connection between the electric storage units and the DC-grid, which in Drive Controllers are called DC-Links. The KSM 4.0 is always being connected directly to the DC-Link of the drive controller. No matter which task the DCLink will bring, the Dynamic Storage-Manager will fulfill it. And it will do it fast. So fast, that humans and machines wouldn´t even notice if the KSM 4.0 would not communicate with the drive controller or the higher-level control. It charges with regen energy from the system and supplies it once needed or once being told to do so. Just so that it is best for the application. Or for the mains, where unwanted effects of high power loads can be leveled and avoided. Consistently used, this can save a lot of costs. Hereby it supports the drives electronics, especially in short cycles, in a way that the service life of the drives electronics is drastically extended and unplanned standstills are minimized. This support can even have the effect that the system can be accelerated if the mechanical parts of the system are made for faster cycles. Faster machines, higher quantities, higher productivity and more profit! Especially when being used with batteries, the KSM 4.0 shows its strength as an absolutely uninterruptable power supply for DC-grids, and with it for drive controllers and thus electric drives. Voltage dips as well as planned or unplanned mains interruptions lose their threat. And if a 24 voltage Emergency Energy Supply NEV is added to the system, even the device, that are in need of a 24 voltage grid, such as controls, industry-PCs, sensors, brakes and many more stay active.

Technical Data KSM 4.0

Parameter Wert
Continuous voltage DC-Links   540 VDC
Peak current max. (6s) 60 A
Continuous current max. 20 A
Storage voltage level max. 260 VDC (230 VAC connected voltage level of the drive controller)
Power up to 15,6 kW, parallel connection of devices possible
Measurements H x W x D 340 x 102 x187 mm
Digitale I/Os +
Bus connection RS422/RS485
Weight approx. 6,0 kg
Protection class IP 20

Download: Data sheet


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