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1. Managing Regen Energy

Short cycles, many repetitions: The classic case of a buffer functionality, which the KSM 4.0 perfectly manages. It leads to a calm voltage level in the DC-Link.

2. Reducing peak loads

Short power peaks stress the mains. The KSM 4.0 provides the necessary energy on command and smoothes the grid.

3. Managing failures of the mains

In case of a failure of the mains the KSM 4.0 keeps the system running - for the whole time the amount of energy in its storage was designed. And not only one or multiple drives, but also for the peripheral devices on the 24 VDC-grid via the NEV.

4. Enabling grid-independent operation

If the power from the mains is only available every now and then, the KSM 4.0 delivers the required energy with its connected storages. The same applies here: Not only for one or multiple drives but also for the peripheral devices via the NEV.



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