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In the operating instructions for your converter you will find the information concerning the specifications of the resistors that can be connected to it. Use these specifications to make your choice from our range of products. If there are no such specifications, follow this simple program to determine the appropriate resistor.
However, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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c CSA us (Approbation nach CSA und UL - Normen)
wanted not wanted

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Intermediate circuit potential UZK in brake operation according to the indications of the producer of the frequency converter
(usually U = 650 V, if connected to a three-phase mains: 3 x 400 V)
Calculate or enter directly ZKintermediate circuit potential UN with the aid of the supply voltage

Calculation of the intermediate circuit potential UZK with the aid of the mains supply UN
N =  V                             

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Input of the maximum brake operation P
images/quadrat.gif (41 Byte) The duty cycle (ED) of the brake resistor referring to the cycle time
The duty cycle can be entered directly or be calculated taking the brake time per cycle
into account

Cycle time: (The cycle time should always be selected for further calculation)

How to calculate the duty cycle (ED) from the braking period 'tBrake' per cycle
Brake =
ED %
images/quadrat.gif (41 Byte) Select ambient temperature:    70 °C     20 °C
Calculation results

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required joint resistance 'R' in ohms R Ohm
images/quadrat.gif (41 Byte) calculated admissible impulse loading per brake resistor PD kW
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